DAY 1: SEPTEMBER 9, 2017
14:00 - 22:00


DAY 2: SEPTEMBER 10, 2017
14:00 - 22:00 (door open at 13:00)


Beijing Topwin Golf and Country Club


No.2 Xizhuang Village, North County, Huairou District, Beijing City


Price: 80 Yuan / Person (Return Ticket)
Pickup Location in Beijing: Shao Yao Ju (Near Exit F, Metro Line 10) Time: 2: 00 PM - 4: 00 PM. Once Seats Are All Taken, Bus Departs
Festival Pickup Location: same as the drop off location Time 9:00pm - 11:00pm, will leave once the shuttle is filled. From the venue to downtown, there will be three stops: West Sanyuan Bridge 三元西桥,Yansha Bridge 燕莎桥,Changhong Bridge长虹桥.
Ticket check-in at the bus: Please present your digital purchase confirmation together with your name and phone number
Customer Service: Yang Yao Hai, 13701178200


There is no near subway next to the venue.


Only Shuttle bus is available to this venue.


Beijing - Chengde Expressway —Take No.14 Exit (Huai Rou Direction) — take Jingmi Viaduct — G111(Liumiao Fengning Exit) — Then Along Jingjia ROAD for 6.5km to Topwin Golf & Country Club (Right Hand Side)


Parking for GA/ VIP patrons is available at Yanqi Lake Parking lot. The parking fee is 10 RMB per car, no time limit.
VVIP Parking:
Parking for VVIP guests is available inside the festival venue. The VVIP Parking Permit will be requested to present before vehicles enter the parking area. Each VVIP table holds ONE VVIP parking permit.

Venue gates open at 12:00pm each day
Festival ends at 10:00pm each day
Festival goes on rain or shine
X NO smoking onsite allow
X NO Reentry policy
X NO refunds/exchanges/cancellations are available
X NO drugs
X NO video cameras
X NO fireworks or other pyrotechnic articles
X NO pets (except guide dogs)
X NO weapons, imitation fire arms or water pistols
X NO non-prescription drugs
X NO glass items (bottles etc.)
X NO inflammables and fireworks
X NO selfie sticks
X NO tripods
X NO self-taken food
X NO bottled water
X NO markers and felt pens
X NO aerial photography (drones)
X NO laser pens
X NO flagpoles
** Failure to adhere to these restrictions will result in criminal prosecution. **
Children under 1.2m are not recommended to join the festival.
YOUR Ticket
YOUR Photo ID and ticket confirmation (If you need to pick up ticket)
Comfortable clothing and shoes
Smile, good vibes and festive costumes encouraged!

1.Discounted tickets are not refundable in any case, not even when artists cancel or bad weather conditions happen. Full priced tickets are refundable under very special circumstances and per policy defined in such cases.

2. Organizers will not be held responsible for lost, damaged or stolen tickets. Also they cannot guarantee authenticity to any ticket bought outside the authorized areas. Once bought, the ticket cannot be resold or altered. Complimentary tickets cannot be traded or resold, once get caught; the organizers have all the rights to take the tickets back compulsively. Any person that has a ticket may be fake will be banned from the entering the premises.

3. One time access per ticket purchased open from 1pm-10pm. This rule applies for both days of the Festival. Once you leave the Festival area and wish to return, the person will need to pay the equivalent of another ticket for access to the event again. The situation is valid for both days of the Festival.

4. Any promotional or commercial purposed selling, buying or using of any invitations or tickets with a price other than that written on the tickets is strictly forbidden. Complimentary tickets cannot be traded. Organizers reserve the right to ban from entering the premises of the festival anyone who is undergoing these kind of activities and to confiscate the invitations or tickets they posses.

5. The organizers and/or the official ticket vendor reserve the right to check the identity of all festival goers. False ticketing or selling overpriced tickets is illegal and will be sanctioned by law.

1. Bringing or selling any food and beverage product without the express consent of the organizer is not allowed. Before entering the festival, all backpacks, bags and packages will be checked; participants must allow a body control by our authorized security personnel. Refusing to get checked will ban you from the festival.
On the festival grounds, and on the campsite, it is strictly forbidden for ticket holders, or those issued special admission to:
1. Try to access sections or to be in sections of the site which are restricted, in accordance to their entry ticket or special admission, such as production rooms, artists’ lodges, neutral and VIP zones, press rooms, backstage etc. 2. Climb tents, constructions, fences, closures, lighting columns, tables, benches or any other infrastructure of the site. 3. Obstruct entrances, exits and evacuation routes and/or to linger at these locations any longer than strictly necessary for entering or exiting the site.
Subsequently listed items are NOT allowed inside the venue:
  • A: Drugs of any kind.
  • B: Weapons of any kind, will immediately be reported to the police including (kitchen or pocket knives, etc)
  • C: Professional photo or video equipment, including any model of drones, the organizer has the right to confiscate any prohibited items.
  • D: Non prescription medicine.
  • E: Fireworks or pyrotechnic articles.
  • F: Glass roll-ons (deodoran)
  • G: Markers, Permanent markers, felt pens (excluding make up pens)
  • H: Animals in general, excluding guide dogs
  • I: Aerosol cans, inflammable substances, articles hazardous to health (exception: standard pocket lighters)
  • J. Selfie sticks or selfie holders.
  • K. laser pens or anything in similar.

By attending the event every person gives their express consent to the fact that he or she may be photographed and filmed and that these images can be registered and used, and become the sole property of the festival organizers. This includes any film, photograph, audio and/or audiovisual recording. The organizer can use these pictures and footage to promote STORM Festival.

Texts, symbols, images, gestures and obscene language inciting racism, xenophobia, provocation and discrimination are forbidden at the festival grounds and campsite.

Please leave your car at home. If you want to drink alcohol, don't drink and drive!

*** Attention! We advise you to consider this point in the regulation in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

Q: When will start delivering tickets? How can I track my delivery information?
A: The shipment of the tickets will start around 20 days before the event, you can contact our customer service to get your delivery order number at or phone 4000-500-268.
Q: Where can I pick up my tickets before the festival day? What document should I bring to pick up my tickets?
A: The address of the pick-up location before the festival is: _________, the operating hours are:________. You need to bring your E-ticket (sent in confirmation e-mail or SMS message) and your ID.
Q: Can I buy tickets at door?
A: Yes, you can buy tickets at door at increased price, however the tickets availability is limited.
Q: I purchased tickets on official website but I want to change my information, how can I do?
A: You need to contact our customer service to change your information at or phone 4000-500-268.
Q: Can I get refund?
A: You can’t get refund in most situation. If the event is canceled or delay due to force majeure, you can get your refund according to the refund policy announced for this specific situation.
Q: I have purchased tickets for Shanghai Storm Festival, can I change these tickets to other city?
A: You can’t change your ticket to another ticket without special case. When buying the tickets, you need to choose the right event and the right type of ticket carefully.
Q: How do I purchase tickets if I live abroad??
A: You are able to purchase your tickets online at with international credit and debit cards including Visa, MaterCard and American Express. Your tickets will be available for pick up at a designated ticket counter in before the festival or at the festival will call counter.
Q: If I buy a General Admission ticket, can I upgrade my ticket to VIP at the door?
A: Yes, if they are still available.
Q: I bought tickets for Day 2, can I switch them to Day 1?
A: If you purchased general admission ticket for day two, you WILL NOT be able to switch to Day 1.
Q: What is the difference between GA and VIP tickets?
A: VIP ticket holders will have VIP express entry into the festival and exclusive access into VIP areas at the front of stage, separate bar in the VIP area and separate VIP restrooms.
Q: How do I reserve a VVIP table?
A: For VVIP tables reservation, please contact us
Q: Where is the festival venue?
A: The address of the venue is: __________
Q: When the artists’ performance starts and what time can we get into the venue?
A: The performance time is from 14: 00 to 22: 00 each day. You can get into the venue 1 hour before the show (13.00). Please note the door will close and nobody will be able to enter the venue 1 hour before the end of the show (at 21.00).
Q: Where will you release the full line-up?
A: Where will you release the full line-up?
Q: Will I be allowed to leave to re-enter the venue if I leave at any point during the day?
A: For all ticket holders there is a strictly no reentry policy. Once you leave the festival site, you will not be able to return.
Q: Will there be a festival map and schedule so I can see stage location, food courts, bathroom areas etc.?
A: Yes, an online version of the festival map will be available on the website. A hard copy version will be handed out at the door.
Q: Can child get into the venue?Is there a minimum age to attend STORM festival?
A: Budweiser Storm doesn’t have an official age limit that prevents anyone entering our festival venue. However, we do not advise you to bring young children into the festival due to the very high noise levels, and large crowds. We suggest a child below 1.2m should not get into the venue.
Q: Are travel packages available?
A: Travel packages will be available soon. If you are interested in travel packages, you can contact us directly at for the most updated information.
Q: Are there locker services at the venue?
A: No.
Q: Will there be parking on-site?
A: Yes, there are two parking lots at venue, one for General Admission patrons, and one for VVIP and VIP guests. The space is limited, first come, first serve.
Q: Are there ATMs on site?
A: No.
Q: Will there be wifi at the festival?
A: No.
Q: Can I bring food or alcohol?
A: All outside food and drinks are prohibited into the festival site. There will be mandatory bag searches at the gate. If our security staffs find any food or drinks, they will be confiscated at the door.
Q: Are there toilet facilities on-site?
A: There will be portable toilets located throughout the venue. VIP & VVIP Package holders will have designated VIP and VVIP-exclusive restroom areas.
Q: What happens if it rains?
A: The festival will still go on regardless of weather disturbances.
Q: Can I pass out flyers at the festival?
A: Flyers are only allowed from pre-approved sponsors. No promotional materials are allowed from external parties. If you were found handing out unauthorized flyers, you will be escorted off the festival site.
Q: Can I bring my pets to the festival
A: There is a strictly No Pets Policy at the festival site (Guide dogs are permitted if pre-registered with A2LiVE).